Homeschool Program

Great Hollow offers a popular drop-off program intended just for homeschoolers, ages 7-12. Join us for a single day, a season, or the whole school year! Students spend their days at Great Hollow exploring the natural world through science-based environmental education activities, games, hikes, and self-directed play. Each season is structured around a set of related themes that will be the jumping off point for our daily adventures, with plenty of opportunities for students to pursue their individual interests. Drop-off is 10 am and pick-up is 3 pm.

Our Homeschool Program is currently suspended for the Fall session due to the vacancy of our Education Coordinator position. Please check back here for updates or contact us at gro.w1574406030olloh1574406030taerg1574406030@ofni1574406030 for information about homeschooling.


Seasonal Themes:

Fall Winter Spring
how seasons change winter adaptations ecosystems
color loss in leaves animal tracking biodiversity
leaf and tree ID winter tree ID plant and tree ID
dichotomous keys the science of snow wild edibles
nature art winter survival skills outdoor survival skills
map skills map skills map skills
observation skills observation skills observation skills
nature journaling nature journaling nature journaling