Camp – Gross Out! June 24-28


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Eco-Discovery Camp

Gross Out! June 24-28 for AGES 5-8

June 24th – 28th @ 8:30 am to 3:30 pm

If you want to explore the slimy, sticky, smelly, and gooey side of nature, this camp session is for you! We’ll discover the many ways that being gross can be good for survival, such as vultures spewing vomit to defend themselves or carrion plants smelling like rotten meat to attract pollinators. We’ll investigate animal poop, dissect owl “pellets”, feed our resident birds of prey and snake, collect and study earthworms, and hopefully realize that some of the “gross” parts of nature are actually pretty cool.

Topics covered: plant and animal adaptations; adaptations arms race; animal tracks and signs; owl pellets; food webs; predator/prey relationships; earthworm ecology and behavior; “mind-controlling” parasites; scavengers and decomposers.



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