Camp – Mudpuppies, June 25-29


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Eco-Discovery Camp

Mudpuppies, June 25-29 for AGES 5-7

June 25th – 29th @ 8:30 am to 3:30 pm

*Due to the extension of the school year into the week of June 25 in many districts, we are allowing prorated, single-day registration throughout this session. Please contact our Camp Director (gro.w1571825283olloh1571825283taerg1571825283@anes1571825283) if you would like to sign up for fewer than 5 days*


Get your feet wet and hands muddy as we spend the week exploring Great Hollow’s Quaker Brook and beaver pond. We’ll venture into creek beds, waterfalls, shaded pools, and pond edges to investigate the creatures that make our waters their home. Our week will end on a festive note as we celebrate International Mud Day on Friday!

Topics covered: aquatic ecosystems; plant and adaptations; beavers as a keystone species and ecosystem engineer; beaver dam engineering; aquatic macroinvertebrates as biological indicators; natural history of trout; the water cycle; watersheds; properties of mud.


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