Camp – Zombie Apocalypse, July 16-20


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Eco-Discovery Camp

Zombie Apocalypse, July 16th – 20th for AGES 8-10

July 16th – 20th @ 8:30 am to 3:30 pm

Did you know that a zombie apocalypse of sorts is underway in the natural world? “Mind controlling” parasites are the culprit and wide variety of plant and animal species become their unwilling victims every day. We’ll spend the week investigating the diverse ways parasites infiltrate their hosts and the methods some species have developed to fight back. There will also be plenty of opportunities to play Humans vs. Zombies, an Eco-Discovery Camp favorite!

Topics covered: symbiotic relationships; predator/prey relationships; food webs; role of parasites in ecosystems; parasites vs. parasitoids; plants as parasites; brood parasitism by birds; species niches; animal behavior; competition; plant and animal adaptations; lifecycles; adaptations arms race.


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