Injured Wildlife

Great Hollow is not able to accept injured or orphaned wildlife. Please click here for a directory of Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitators and select the type of animal with which you are seeking assistance.

It is important to recognize that seeing a young animal alone does not mean it has been abandoned by its parents or needs human intervention. In most cases, the best thing you can do is not interfere, no matter how good your intentions are. For example, baby birds rarely “fall” out of a nest. From May through June, if you see a young bird on the ground, it is likely a recent fledgling, meaning it intentionally left the nest to begin the next stage of its development. During this fledgling stage, parents will continue to bring food to their young on the ground. This is normal and it is best to leave the bird alone. Click here  for helpful information from the Human Society about how to determine if an animal you have found requires help.