Rules and Waiver


The following rules for the use of The Great Hollow Nature Preserve (the “Preserve”) have been created for the health and safety of all participants and the preservation of the natural habitats and the plants and animals found at the Preserve.

Rules for Use of the Great Hollow Nature Preserve

Parts of the Preserve are undeveloped, with few if any safety or communications facilities available to visitors. The Preserve is used for research, academic studies, and resource management. There are a wide array of plants and animals at the Preserve, some of which may not be found elsewhere and may be rare or unique, so the introduction of other animals, diseases, insects, plants, etc., could be extremely detrimental to the flora and fauna at the Preserve. The following rules have therefore been promulgated for the Preserve:

Prohibited Items

The following are not allowed to be brought onto the Preserve:

  1. Animals other than pet or companion dogs;
  2. Plants, seeds, cut flowers, or bulbs;
  3. Previously used planters or pots (whether of clay, ceramic, plastic, or other material);
  4. Firearms or other weapons;
  5. Fireworks; or
  6. Mountain bikes or other vehicles of any kind (motorized or non-motorized).

Restricted Activities:

  1. Dogs must be leashed at all times and picked up after. Leash rules are strictly enforced and anyone in violation of the rules will be dismissed from the Preserve. Dog waste must be disposed of off-site.
  2. No smoking or building of fires of any type is allowed at the Preserve for any reason.
  3. No cooking is allowed at the Preserve, although the consumption of previously prepared food and drinks is allowed at the Preserve, provided that all trash resulting from such activity is completely removed from the Preserve (and then disposed of properly elsewhere). Carry In, Carry Out.
  4. No camping is allowed anywhere at the Preserve, no sleeping bags or other camping equipment is allowed to be brought to or used at the Preserve, and no erection of any tents or other structures is allowed at the Preserve, whether they are temporary or otherwise, unless expressly permitted by the management of the Preserve.
  5. No collecting, trapping, killing, harming or molestation of any animals at the Preserve, or any fish or other animals in any waters at the Preserve, is allowed.
  6. No cutting down, injury, collection, or other disturbance of any trees or other plants or vegetation is allowed at the Preserve, whether or not the plants are living or dead.
  7. No souvenirs or specimens of anything found at the Preserve may be collected, disturbed or taken from the Preserve, nor is any digging in any architectural remains located at the Preserve allowed.
  8. No entry into buildings or other structures at the Preserve or other interference with the activities of any tenants, researchers, or others carrying out permitted activities at the Preserve is allowed.
  9. Photography of plants, animals, and natural conditions in the Preserve for personal use is permitted, but no publishing or other use of the results of such photography, or of any other data of any kind collected at or from the Preserve, is allowed for commercial purposes, and all images made at or from the Preserve which are used or transmitted in a manner such that they can be downloaded or obtained by others must be used or transmitted with appropriate restrictions which prohibit the commercial use of the images.
  10. No item(s) brought to the Preserve are allowed to be left at or adjoining the Preserve, including (but not limited to) garbage or food.

Without limiting anything in the foregoing rules and agreement, generally it is very important that all guests at the Preserve not leave any litter or other items behind when they exit the Preserve.

Waiver / Release

All individuals who will utilize the facilities and grounds of Great Hollow Nature Preserve for organized group activities or scientific research must complete the General Release and Waiver linked below, and provide it to a staff member in person or by email to .

Download Waiver Form