Research Fellowship


Great Hollow’s post-doctoral fellowship program supports an early career scientist to conduct independent research at or near Great Hollow, collaborate on other research projects of Great Hollow’s, mentor our summer research interns, and contribute to the general day-to-day operation of Great Hollow as a member of our staff. Fellowship terms are two years, salaried with benefits, and include free on-site housing. Eligible candidates are ecologists whose research is field-based, integrative, innovative, has a conservation application, and complements Great Hollow’s current areas of study. They may work in any discipline that is relevant to the biodiversity and ecological communities of the northeastern U.S.

Current Fellow

Sarah Deckel, Ph.D. (2024-2026)

Previous Fellows

Wales Carter, Ph.D. (2021-2023)

Dr. Carter is a physiological ecologist who led two studies on the nutritional ecology of migratory songbirds during his fellowship at Great Hollow. One study examined the effects of invasive Japanese barberry on the diet composition of breeding songbirds while the other investigated the effects of diet-switching from invertebrates to fruit on the physiological condition of migrating songbirds during autumn. He also contributed to Great Hollow’s research on the quality of invasive plants and a food resource for birds and the effects of Japanese barberry removal on plants, insects, and birds. Prior to joining Great Hollow, Dr. Carter completed his PhD and a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Rhode Island, respectively studying the effects of dietary fatty acids and antioxidants on the energy metabolism of songbirds, and the diet and spatial behavior translocated New England cottontails.