Latest Scout Projects Improve Great Hollow’s Trails

Great Hollow

Great Hollow has been the lucky recipient of numerous Scout group service projects over the past few years. Their mark can be seen all over the preserve, from foot bridges on our hiking trails to raised garden beds and beautiful split-rail fences adorning the entryway, bat and bird boxes, and so much more. Most recently, we were fortunate to have Griffin Flower, Jack Buck, and Matthew Gilshteyn of New Fairfield Troop 137 offer up their services and take on some great projects. For his Eagle Scout Project, Griffin created and installed several directional signposts at trail intersections to make it even easier for visitors to find their way around our nearly five-mile trail network. Jack built boardwalks over muddy segments of the Green Trail for his Life Project, so now there will be much less slipping and sliding to worry about on this narrow trail of ours that runs along the wetland at Great Hollow’s southern end. Matthew also built boardwalks for his Life Project, along some wet and muddy sections of our Orange Trail. Thank you, Griffin, Jack, Matthew and the rest of New Fairfield Troop 137 for your craftsmanship and hard work!


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