Summer Camp

Join Us This Summer for Eco-Discovery Camp!

Our state-licensed summer day camp program offers children ages 4 to 12 the opportunity to forge lasting connections with the natural world on our 825-acre preserve located in New Fairfield. Days will be spent outdoors, exploring Great Hollow’s creeks, forests, meadows, and trails, learning about the critters that make this special place their home. Each full-day session includes science-based environmental education, activities, games, hikes, and daily time for self-directed nature play. Please contact our Camp Director, Sena, at gro.w1513245289olloh1513245289taerg1513245289@anes1513245289 or (203) 546-7789 to register your child and confirm there is space before you pay.


2017 Dates Session Group (ages) Tickets
June 26-30 Creek Week Nature Detectives (7-9) Buy Ticket
July 5-7 *abbreviated 3-day session, W-F Nature Art Knee-High Naturalists (4-6) Buy Ticket
July 10-14 No camp
July 17-21 Creek Week Knee-High Naturalists (4-6) Buy Ticket
July 24-28 *optional overnight Fri Wilderness Survival Nature Detectives (7-9) Buy Ticket
July 31-Aug 4 *optional overnight Fri Wilderness Survival Eco-Explorers (10-12) Buy Ticket
Aug 7-11 Nature’s Superheroes Knee-High Naturalists (4-6) Buy Ticket
Aug 14-18 Eco-Engineers Nature Detectives  (7-9) Buy Ticket
Aug 21-25 Eco-Engineers Eco-Explorers (10-12) Buy Ticket



Creek Week: For Knee-High Naturalists (4-6 year-olds) and Nature Detectives (7-9 year-olds)

Spend the week getting your hands dirty and your feet wet as we explore Great Hollow’s Quaker Brook. We’ll venture into creek beds, waterfalls, and shaded pools to investigate the creatures that make Quaker Brook their home. Along the way we’ll learn about the water cycle, our watershed, the importance of healthy stream ecosystems, and things we can do to protect our local waters.


Nature Art: For Knee-High Naturalists (4-6 year-olds)

*Abbreviated week (W-F) for 4th of July

Join us as we spend the week creating nature art masterpieces of our very own. We’ll let our creative juices flow while exploring Great Hollow’s trails for inspiration, then use a mix of natural materials and items salvaged from the recycling bin to create our works of art. Some of your creations will get to go home with you at the end of the week while others will be left on Great Hollow’s grounds for future visitors to enjoy. A mini-art show will be held Friday afternoon at pick-up so campers can show off their land art pieces.


Eco-Engineers: For Nature Detectives (7-9 year-olds) and Eco-Explorers (10-12 year-olds)

We’ll spend the week investigating all the animal-made structures we find on Great Hollow’s grounds—spider webs, beaver dams and lodges, bee hives, cocoons, bird nests and ant hills, to name a few. Taking inspiration from these feats of eco-engineering, we’ll put our imaginations and creativity to the test to see if we can build our own versions of these structures as well as nature can. We’ll also learn about the emerging field of biomimicry, an approach to innovation that looks to the natural world for solutions to human challenges.


Nature’s Superheroes: For Knee-High Naturalists (4-6 year-olds)

What do Batman, Catwoman, Spider-Man, Squirrel Girl, Ant-Man, Poison Ivy and Swamp Thing all have in common? They are superheroes and villains with powers that mimic those of their plant and animal namesakes. This session is all about discovering the superpowers—adaptations—that plants and animals use every day to survive in their habitats. We’ll even create and transform into our very own nature-based superheroes (or villains), costumes and all.


Wilderness Survival: For Nature Detectives (7-9 year-olds) and Eco-Explorers (10-12 year-olds)

*Optional overnight stay each Friday, with a Saturday morning pick-up

Do you want to learn how to survive in the woods overnight with just your skills and the supplies in your daypack? Then this is the camp for you! We’ll spend the week honing outdoor skills such as fire making, shelter building, cordage making, wild edible plant identification, animal tracking, and navigation with and without a map and compass. We will then have the opportunity put our skills to the test during our (optional) overnight on Friday by cooking on fires that we make and possibly sleeping in shelters that we build.


Pricing & Details

Camp hours are 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM each day. Registration for each session (excluding July 5-7) is $225 for Family Level and higher members of Great Hollow, and $250 for non-members. Registration for the abbreviated  Nature Art session from July 5-7 is $135 for Family Level and higher members, and $150 for non-members. The fee for the optional Wilderness Survival overnight stay is $25. Optional camp t-shirts are available to purchase for $10.

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