Camp – Nature’s Neighborhoods, August 19-23


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Eco-Discovery Camp

Nature’s Neighborhoods, Aug 19-23 for AGES 5-8

Did you know that plants and animals live in neighborhoods just like you? These neighborhoods are called ecosystems, and Great Hollow has four of them—forests, meadows, wetlands, and streams—for us to explore! We’ll learn about these different types of ecosystems, what an ecosystem has to provide for its occupants’ survival, the many ways “neighbors” interact with one another, and ecosystem invasions. We’ll use this knowledge to compare and contrast Great Hollow’s ecosystems to our own neighborhoods.

Topics covered: ecosystems; biotic vs abiotic; predator/prey relationships; what living things need to survive; producers and consumers; herbivores, omnivores, scavengers, and decomposers; food webs; habitats; species niches; competition; symbiotic relationships; adaptations; lifecycles; invasive species.


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