Article by Great Hollow Director Featured in Annual “State of the Birds” Report

Great Hollow

Great Hollow’s executive director, Chad Seewagen is the author of an article in the Connecticut Audubon Society’s annual State of the Birds report. This year’s report is focused on how birds are faring in Connecticut’s cities and suburbs. Dr. Seewagen’s article discusses the value of urban habitats, like city parks, as stopover sites for migrating birds that are in need of places in which to rest and refuel along their long, seasonal journeys. This is a subject he spent many years studying in New York City and Westchester County to investigate whether small and degraded forest fragments in urban areas can provide migrating birds with the resources they need for successful stopovers. The research showed that in fact they can, and highlighted the importance of conserving small green spaces within urban landscapes. You can access the full report and watch a great video about it here.

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