CT Bird Atlas Project

Great Hollow

Great Hollow is proud to announce that it will be a partner and sponsor of the long-awaited Connecticut Bird Atlas project. The Connecticut Bird Atlas is being led by the DEEP Wildlife Division and the University of Connecticut, and aims to (1) better understand breeding bird distribution and abundance in the state, (2) document changes in bird species distributions since the last atlas that was conducted in the 1980’s, (3) understand the distribution of overwintering birds in the state, (4) identify important stopover habitats for migrants, and (5) establish predictive relationships about where species occur on the landscape.  The results of this statewide, 5-year initiative will be publicly available on an interactive website and of myriad uses to government agencies, conservation organizations, environmental consultants, and other stakeholders throughout Connecticut who are involved in the conservation of our natural resources. Its success will depend on the volunteer support of the birding community, so if you are a birder and are interested in helping to conduct surveys for the project, please visit the project’s interim website to sign up for information on how to volunteer. There will be a public presentation about the project by Dr. Min Huang of DEEP at Great Hollow on Tuesday, December 12th at 6:30 pm if you are interested in learning more.

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